Congratulations! you have a team!

If you found your way here, you have either signed up your first team member, or you're about to! Hurray! But now what?!  

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Get Your Blue Tansy On!!

Step 1: Give them an oily reference book.

You want to make sure they are educated, so at the Blue Tansy we recommend you provide a book like the Essential Oils Pocket Reference to help them get started (if they purchased a Premium Starter Kit).  You can buy it from Life Science Publishing, but we highly recommend you ask your upline sponsor or enroller first.  They will have books you can buy at the best bulk price available.

Step 2: Provide them with the following:


  • A Welcome Letter (Feel free to use this one or edit it and make it your own.)
  • Access to your private Facebook Community, and to the larger education group of your upline, if available.
  • Any of the resources linked here. You can give these all at once, or over a period of a few weeks. It's great to give some of these in printed form (some people prefer hard copies), but if cost is an issue, you can provide them electronically! 
  • Additional "goodies." Many people like to give something extra to their sign ups who enrolled with a Premium Starter Kit (or offered sign-up incentives).  Some options include: RevOILution Quick Start guide, topical pamphlets targeted to their interests, print versions of the resources linked above, the Higley quick usage guide, bottle labels for the Everyday Oils, a roller bottle, dropper bottle, empty nasal inhaler, plastic carrier dropper, empty capsules, or mason jar with a stainless straw. Remember, these are just ideas. None of these are required, and no one gives ALL of this! Just ideas.

Step 3: One week your enrollee!

Make sure they got their kit and know what to do with it! Do they have any questions?  If they didn't come to an Intro class, be sure to invite them to an upcoming live or FB class and emphasize how important education is in helping them use their oils effectively. Ask them questions like: are you using your diffuser? What is your favorite oil so far?  Do you have a health issue you're working on that I can help you with? Try to get them to look up something in their reference guide while you are on the phone...this will help them become familiar with how to use it! Make sure they know how to contact you (phone, email, FB, text) if they have questions.

Step 4: Contact them again the following month (if they don't contact you):

  • Invite them to an upcoming "What's Next" class (live or FB)
  • Help them schedule a zyto if there are any zytos available in their area
  • Let them know about The Blue Tansy website VIP Lounge resources (password btlounge)
  • Answer any questions
  • Maybe they're interested in hosting an Intro class for their friends?  If so, get it scheduled right there on the phone!
  • Ask if they have a favorite oil, or their favorite thing to diffuse.  And if they have any testimonies to share!

Step 5: Keep in touch!

Let them know where to find resources they need, make sure they are connecting on the Facebook communities, help them make long-term health goals and have a plan to achieve them, and be available if they ever want to host a class or share their new-found YL love with friends! 


Link to resources