Are you more of a visual person?  Oily Education Graphics are a great way to learn the many different uses for each of the oils!

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(These graphics are awesome because they were created by members of the Blue Tansy team!  That means you know the research and uses are sound.  They are also great to share with others!)**


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(There are just too many topics out there for our team to be able to make a graphic for everything!  So we have gathered together some fantastic graphics other teams have made.)**


Click here for Oily Recipes and DiY

There are sooooo many natural things you can make yourself using your essential oils.  Some of them are super easy, some a little more challenging.  However, making your own natural home and health products can save you tons of money...and it can be a lot of fun, too!

**PLEASE NOTE--these graphics cannot be altered in any way, including adding your personal name and ID to them unless specified.  Many of the photos and graphics are personal works or paid photos from graphic artists that hold licenses on the photos, and our agreements with them state that they will not have any other distributor names on them.  We must uphold this agreement in order to not be in breech of copyright! Thank you for your compliance!