Are you ready to have a class?

Click the links below for everything you need! Don't reinvent the wheel, don't make it harder than it needs to be...if you're the no-frills type, then this list is for you!  Remember, you don't need to serve up a mini-meal or have elaborate, cute giveaways--just put some Citrus Fresh in some ice water (no plastic cups!), pass out the Everyday Oils handout, and start sharing oils!

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  • INVITE: Invite people. Email or Facebook is fine, mailed invitations are better, but a phone call is always best!
  • HANDOUTS: Print copies of the Everyday Oils handout. A sheet for taking notes is optional, but encouraged! 
  • VISUALS: Print (and possibly laminate) these visuals to pass around during class
  • CLASS NOTES: Print a copy of the notes you want to teach from. We've included more than one option because everyone is different, but again, don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel. Find what works for you!
  • ENROLLMENT FORMS: Enrollment forms can prevent a long line of people waiting for a computer (especially if you're expecting a large class), or from losing a potential sign up because they "walked away."  Have a few copies of these ready at every class!

If the idea of a party without food is just too much to bear, click the links below for some additional resources!  Remember, don't go overboard on your Intro class. Save it for a fun Make-n-Take or What's Next class later!  Intro classes are overwhelming as it is, so keeping it simple will make it easier on your guests, and easier for people to duplicate when they're ready to host their first class.

  • SIGN IN SHEET: Especially if your class is going to be large, or if you have strangers attending, you will need a record of who came and who brought who!
  • FULL BOTTLE CHALLENGE: If you want to challenge your guests to get started on their biggest health issues today, this may be for you.
  • RAFFLE FORMS or SMALL VERSION: Many people like to do giveaways at the end of a class (these can be small and inexpensive). It helps people get excited, and also ensures you have their contact information and that they don't leave early!
  • THIEVES CLEANER LABELS LARGE or SMALL or TINY (for 3 oz bottles):  A bottle of Thieves cleaner is a popular giveaway...small bottles can be purchased through Abundant Health, or a large bottle from the dollar store!
  • RECIPES: So its not a party without food?  Here you go--eat your heart out!
  • POWERPOINT: If you are the tech type, you may want to offer a powerpoint during your class.  Here are some options!


Tips for a successful class

These are totally optional, but will help your class be wildly successful!

  1. Invite in person!  When you invite someone in person, over the phone, or by mail, they are MUCH more likely to attend your live class.  They want to know you personally want them to attend.  Remember to confirm with them before class and remind them of the date and time. 
  2. Prizes!  People love free stuff!  You could give away a jar of bath salts, a nasal spray, or something creative that doesn't have to cost you a ton of money.  I usually give away prizes at the end of class to ensure people stay until the end.  There are some great recipes in the Oily DiY section of the VIP Lounge!
  3. Serve food and beverages!  A hungry or thirsty guest isn't going to be able to pay attention very well.  Also, people love an opportunity to experience the oils.  Consider having lemon water (be sure to use glass cups) on hand to serve people and maybe a treat like peppermint brownies.  Those are always crowd pleasers! (But again, KEEP IT SIMPLE!)
  4. Follow up!  Remember to ask your friends what they thought of the class, and ask how you can help them.  Some people may want to get started with Young Living, while others who already have a membership may need help placing an order or knowing how to use their oils for a particular issue. 
  5. Get your Blue Tansy on!  Utilize the Blue Tansy website and groups!  Remember to let people know they can learn more at your  This is an invaluable resource for people just getting started with their oils.  Also, be sure to get them plugged into one of our secret community groups.  If you aren't currently in a group but would like to be, please contact us so we can get you in.  No one should ever be confused about how to use their oils, and these groups are so helpful for every day oil knowledge!

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When you're ready to host a class beyond Essential Oils 101, here are some options:

Beauty School: Tips for Skin Care with Young Living

What's Next? Essential Oils 102 (Facebook version)

Essential Rewards: The Benefits and the Nitty Gritty (PDF and Powerpoint versions)

Essential Rewards: The Benefits and the Nitty Gritty (Facebook version)

Oily Spring: Tips for Seasonal Struggles & Toxin-Free Cleaning (PDF and Powerpoint versions)

Oily Spring: Tips for Seasonal Struggles & Toxin-Free Cleaning (Facebook version)

Thieves Premium Starter Kit (Facebook version)

Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit (Facebook version)

DiY and Everyday Essential Oils Party (Live in Home version)

Business Builder Class: The Compensation Plan (slides only)

Class in Spanish

Beauty Class in Spanish (PDF and Powerpoint version)

Harmonize Your Home and Office with Essential Oils Class in Spanish (PDF and Powerpoint version)